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OAPGRC has a dynamic calendar of events reaching out across the community, involving domestic and international experts, scientists, students, entrepreneurs, the business community, the general public, young and old as it educates and raises awareness of biodiversity, promotes the importance of conserving Oman's treasure chest of genetic resources and showcases the rich commercial opportunities they present, their possibilities for enhancing the welfare of the people of Oman, and potential significant contribution to the well-being of humankind.

Science Café page navigation
Developing a Regional Action Plan for Conservation and Utilization of the Domesticated Animal Genetic Resources of Oman
28 December 2020 page navigation
Field Collection, Identification and Preservation Protocols of Wild Mushrooms
19-23 July 2020 page navigation
Book Fair Participation
21 February – 2 March 2020 page navigation
Workshop on the Collection, Evaluation and Conservation of Samples for Animal Artificial Insemination
19 - 23 January 2020 page navigation
World Wildlife Day Celebrations 2020
3 March 2020 page navigation
Livestock Biobank Workshop
27 – 28 January 2020 page navigation
S1 TITAN 600 Training page navigation
OABC Sustainability Fair 2020
26 February 2020 page navigation
GenoBusiness Forum
8-9 May 2018 page navigation
Manafa'a Ideathon page navigation
Microbial Culture Collections Workshop
16 July 2019 page navigation
Sugar Cane Workshop
27 March 2019 page navigation
Research for Sustainable Development Conference
April 3-4, 2017 page navigation
Animal Strategy Workshop
10 April 2019 page navigation
Nature in Focus
14-25 August 2017 page navigation
Summer Scout Camp
13-15 August 2017 page navigation
Taxidermy Workshop
1-2 April 2019 page navigation
First Oman Environment Forum
10-11 May 2017 page navigation
23-24 February 2016 tab
GRIN Documentation Training
3-9 June 2015 page navigation
Omani Science Festival /Boxes%20Images/1T8B7389.JPG
26 - 28 October 2017 page navigation
Diving Course
29 - 31 May 2016 page navigation
The First Meeting of Medicinal Plants
23-25 June 2014
/Pages/Salalah%20Conference%202014.aspxIn page navigation
ESO Summer Camp
18-July-2016 page navigation
National Plant Agrobiodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman
2-3rd November 2015 page navigation
International Wetland Day
24 February 2014
/Pages/Internation%20Wetland%20Day.aspxIn page navigation
28-30 October 2013
/Pages/Exhibition%20GAFAEX%202013.aspxIn page navigation
Treasures of Oman
1 March-29 April 2015 page navigation
NENA Region Plant
18-20 February 2013
/Pages/NENA%20Region%20Plant.aspxIn page navigation
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