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Microorganism Genetic Resources

“ Isolation, identification and preservation of microbial diversity in Oman is essential to understand their role in nature. It opens the door for applied research that can lead to the emergence of new and unique products. Mawarid, in collaboration with national and international research institutes, is leading the effort to coordinate and contribute to the protection and sustainable use of Oman microbial genetic resources. ”


Fungi play an important role in our life. Several species of fungi have direct and indirect benefits to humans. These include edible mushrooms, biocontrol agents of insects and diseases, produce of antibiotics, promoters of plant growth and development, and decomposers of waste materials. On the other hand, there are several harmful fungi that attack plants, humans and animals, as well as others that spoil food. Fungi database at Mawarid contain about 1810 records for about 500 strains of both beneficial and parasitic fungal species.
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One of the macrofungi sample, which was collected from Dhofar in 2018 by Mawarid.
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Aspergillus niger is a fungus that has been used for waste treatment known as bioremediation.


Bacteria is not always harmful, they are widely used in a variety of industries. For example, they are used in food industry produce dairy products. They are also used by the oil industry to break down toxic petrochemicals. Bacteria participate in various natural processes and has the ability to produce different natural productsThey can stabilize and enrich soil with nitrogen, the most needed element by plant.. Mawarid database contains about 850 records for about 420 strains of bacteria.
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Nocardioides zeae
is a gram-positive and aerobic bacterium isolated from the stem of a Zea mays plant (Source: Mawarid collection).

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Bacillus oceanisediminis
is gram-stain-positive, spore-forming, rod-shaped and aerobic bacterium isolated from sea sediment (Source: Mawarid collection).
One of Mawarid main initiatives is the establishment of the first microbial culture collection in the country. The microorganisms have been isolated from diverse nature of ecosystems of Oman to explore their diversity and richness and to utilize them for broader biotechnological applications.