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Plant Genetic Resources

“ The Sultanate of Oman is blessed with great wealth of plant genetic resources which are part biodiversity. The unique geographical position of Oman being between south of Asian and North of African continents offers the physiographic and climatic features of both continents that harbor all the types of species from typical temperate and subtropical to tropical crop plants, herbs, grasses, shrubs to tree plants, which include the food & agriculture crops (PGRFA) and other socioeconomic plant species such Crop Wild Relatives (CWR), Wild Harvest Plant Species (WHS) and Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Species (MAP). ”

Plant Genetic Resources for Food & Agriculture (PGRFA)

Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture refer to all the agriculture crop species which include field crops (15+), vegetable crops (15+), fruit trees (10+), pasture trees, shrubs and grass species (20+). They contribute to the food and fodder security of the country.
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In Oman, Banana has been grown traditionally from long time because of its good taste and highly nutrition value. Its production in Oman is around 16.6 thousand tons from about 1422 hectares. banana is in third position according to the cultivated areas after dates and mango and in second position after dates palms in production among all the fruit crops. Banana is strategic food and commercial crop after date palm in Oman. Banana is grown in almost all the governorates in Oman although it’s commercial cultivation is concentrated in Salalah in South and Al-Batinah coast in North Oman.

Crop Wild Relatives (CWR)

Wild species that are relatively closely related to a crop and may be crossed with the crop either using conventional or genetic engineering techniques to introduce desirable traits from the wild species to the crop. There are about 708 CWR in Oman.
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Wild Harvest Species (WHS)

Wild harvested plant species or WHS are as implied wild plant species that are harvested from the wild usually by the local community in the vicinity in which they are found. They provide an important additional resource for many rural communities through direct use and may also constitute a potential source of novel commercial exploitation.
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Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (MAP) Species

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Medicinal plants (MP) refer to feral and/or cultivated plants which can be directly or indirectly used for medical purposes, based on tradition and literature records on active ingredients which affect physiological (metabolic) processes of living organisms, including human beings.
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Aromatic plants are a special type of plants which are used for their aroma and flavor. Many of them are also used for medicinal purposes.