Oman, thanks to its diverse climatic conditions, size and geography, has been blessed with a treasure trove of vibrant biodiversity - a unique and internationally important pool of genetic resources spanning the animal and plant worlds, both domesticated and wild, the marine world, and the world of micro-organisms.

Mawarid is dedicated to preserving this natural wealth for the benefit of future generations. As we do so, we ensure that, the knowledge derived from their study is communicated, shared and developed for the good and wellbeing of humankind.

The Center is committed to making a difference to how business and the public sector think about genetic resources; inspiring them to sustainably leverage the rich possibilities offered by our outstanding nature. Driving our efforts in this regard is the knowledge that the opportunities these precious assets present will contribute to the development of Oman; attracting investment, generating jobs and spurring entrepreneurship.

We are proud of the impactful portfolio of dynamic programs and activities that we have built to help us fulfill our remit and achieve our goals – from seminal research, data and specimen collection, conservation work and a burgeoning list of publications to the international events we have hosted, our community engagement, app launch, new organic product development and more. Furthermore, Mawarid takes pride in representing Oman on committees as well as at conferences, workshops and seminars around the world, sharing expertise and experience from the sultanate and communicating research findings and breakthroughs.

And whatever we do, whatever task we are involved in, Mawarid is always appreciative of the strong eco-system of stakeholder relationships along with the academic, business and government partnerships we have built – this community is central to all our successes and a constant source of support and inspiration.

Dr. Nadiya Abubakar Al Saady