Mission and Vision
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Mission and Vision

Promote the recognition, sustainable exploitation and valuation of the genetic diversity inherent in Oman’s animals, plants and microorganisms as a natural heritage resource.

In the coming decade, Mawarid will develop as a collaborative hub for all animal and plant genetic resources activities. It will promote the sustainable use of knowledge across economic sectors and social segments and create value from world-class research and practical innovation. This national collaborative effort will be open to the world of international science and have a specific concern for building a recognized local capacity in the field of genetic resources as a natural heritage resource.

  • Diversity: Just as Oman has diverse unique genetic resources, Mawarid has a variety of unique stakeholders.
  • Collaboration: We are committed to working with stakeholders and sharing knowledge globally.
  • Resourcefulness: We have the ability to find solutions to overcome challenges.
  • Sustainability: Where biodiversity continues to sustain life.

The proposed motto, or DNA, for the center is to be Oman's collaborative organization